eat well,
travel often,
and celebrate every tiny victory.
a healthy outside starts from the inside


stop global warming i don’t look good in shorts

ooooooo kinda want until i saw the $200 price tag hahaha.

lol I know right? when I saw that I was like whaaatt?! and it’s $1495 for the bigger size, crazy… but I’m going to look around and see if I can find somewhere else that sells them cheaper haha. 

ugh, so I just came across that post again, the one that talks about how we never get to see our faces in person, just reflections and pictures, and there was a comment below saying that some scientists agree that if we were to see a clone of ourselves we wouldn’t recognize it and the thought and realization of that really bothers me!!!

but then I read somewhere else that looking at yourself through a “true” (non-reversed) mirror is a way to sort of get around that dilemma because true mirrors reflect your reflection so that you see yourself as if someone else is looking at you

so now I’m on a true mirror site that has a page describing people’s first impressions after looking into a true mirror, why looking in a regular mirror produces an inaccurate image of yourself, how a true mirror also allows you to better see how clothes fit on you, what your hairstyles actually look like (to everyone else) etc. and omg I am so obsessed, like I NEED a true mirror now and am actually considering ordering one. I’m just scared that my self-esteem will plummet because of it lol  

so I actually threw away quite a few bottles today (and I’ve lost way more than I can count) but, as you can see, my nail polish game is still going strong ~ 

now if only it wasn’t taking me so damn long to clean the rest of my room…

it’s only natural that in the middle of cleaning out my room the place looks worse than it did before I started