went to a new salon for a brazilian and left super happy because it was relatively painless (as far as brazilians go) and it was all done in 15 mins! vs 45 mins, when I’ve gotten it done by other people

this place charges $10 more, but it’s definitively worth it and I’ll be back again!


i hate teachers who give homework over break like do u not understand what a break is do u want me to demonstrate on ur neck

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  • I’m slimming up again! It’s taken awhile, but I’ve finally reached my “sweet spot”, that place where everything falls in line and I am dedicated and willing and not too distracted to lose weight. If I’ve learned anything since starting this blog it’s that I really, really do have to wait things out. I’m not the kind of person who can force myself to workout or eat right if I’m not in the right head space and it ends up being a complete mess if I do. But now the time is right, so trust me when I say I’m going to look FAB by the end of the summer (✿◠‿◠)
  • speaking of, I haven’t had a fridge in a week! And I’m craving cold fruit so freaking badly, but the new fridge comes tomorrow so I will be having the time of my life in the nearest grocery store once it arrives haha
  • I have a “date” on wednesday. It’s not really a date, but I’m not sure what to call it. Basically, I’ll be hanging out/catching up with a boy that a group of my friends keeps asking me about because he’s “so0o hot and nice”. I’m just so confused about boys and will touch on this in another post. 
  • last but not least, I get to spend today shopping! Not for myself, but it beats sitting in an office all day or dealing with crummy customers and all their complaints. This is really unlike any job I’ve ever had, but it’s great because I think it will really help me grow as a person. Like, I’m basically getting paid really good money to develop “adult” skills haha and I’m super excited to see this position evolve and see myself mature with it. 

okay, but gotta go and get things done! I hope everyone else has a great day!!


the news is just some person saying “good evening” and then giving reasons why it’s not

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"You can’t fill loneliness with people you have no intention of loving."

~Codi Ann Thomsen, letter-writing (via sheandherdarkness)

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